The Most Powerful Practical Case That Has Yet Been Made for Using Dispute Prevention

Noah Hanft, who now serves as an arbitrator, mediator, consultant and executive coach, had distinguished himself as a practicing lawyer and General Counsel of Mastercard during the earlier phases of his career. 

In common with the majority of practicing lawyers, inside corporate counsel, and business leaders of his generation, during those phases of his career Noah had never heard of “dispute prevention.”

However, when Noah later became involved with the CPR Institute and learned of CPR’s focus on preventing disputes, he had an “awakening”.

In a landmark article published in 2020, Noah confessed:

“My first reaction was to kick myself for not applying [dispute prevention] when I was a general counsel.”

Noah’s “aha!” moment is not uncommon.  Every day, corporate lawyers and their businesses’ leaders are discovering the benefits of  dispute prevention.  

Among the perceptive comments that Noah made  in that article (which is linked below):

“[A] dispute prevention program can bring extraordinary value to companies”. 

“The concept is very straightforward.”

He asked: “if the benefits of such programs are so obvious, why aren’t many businesses adopting them?”

And he then proceeded in the article to provide a compelling answer to every conceivable objection to the uses of dispute prevention. 

Noah concluded:  “When an argument appeals to common sense, it’s generally worth considering.  This one does.”

See for yourself, in the article that is linked HERE.