Three Articles that Explore Pre-dispute Techniques in Depth

Now that the basic principles of the dispute prevention and resolution field have been described, it’s useful to flesh out more details about the art and practice of using prevention techniques to create and strengthen business relationships. Three articles linked below provide much food for thought: First, “Thinking Ahead,” a chapter from the “Negotiator’s Desk … Read more

Sir Richard Susskind’s Dispute Prevention Wisdom

Sir Richard Susskind is a British law professor, author, speaker, and advisor to businesses and governments.  He has studied and written extensively about a wide variety of subjects. In his 2008 book, “The End of Lawyers?”, he addressed the subject of lawyer-client relations, and particularly the “irrational” failure of the business and legal worlds to … Read more

The Most Powerful Practical Case That Has Yet Been Made for Using Dispute Prevention

Noah Hanft, who now serves as an arbitrator, mediator, consultant and executive coach, had distinguished himself as a practicing lawyer and General Counsel of Mastercard during the earlier phases of his career.  In common with the majority of practicing lawyers, inside corporate counsel, and business leaders of his generation, during those phases of his career … Read more

Global Pound Conference Voting Results Confirm Preferences for Pre-dispute and Pre-escalation Processes to Prevent Disputes

The historic Global Pound Conferences in 2016 and 2017 evaluated all forms of dispute prevention and resolution in a worldwide effort, forty years after the first Pound Conference, to find ways to improve the future of dispute resolution.  In the final voting by thousands of delegates to 29 conferences held worldwide, In answer to the … Read more

Forbes Magazine Reports on the Advantages of Standing Neutrals

In an article written by Kate Vitasek, a business school professor, business consultant, and prolific author, Forbes Magazine has reported on how successful Standing Neutrals can be in preserving supplier relationships, especially during pandemic stresses.  The Forbes article and podcast linked below explain in detail how Standing Neutrals work, and also Jim Groton’s pioneering work … Read more

Categories of pre-dispute and prevention processes: 

Pre-dispute and pre-escalation processes can be grouped under the following two broad categories:  Prevention and cooperation techniques that help to avoid problems and disputes.  Dispute de-escalation, control, and “real time” resolution techniques to prevent disputes.  Descriptions of Individual Processes: 1. Prevention and cooperation techniques that help to avoid problems and disputes: Realistic Allocation of Risks Realistic allocation … Read more