Three Articles that Explore Pre-dispute Techniques in Depth

Now that the basic principles of the dispute prevention and resolution field have been described, it’s useful to flesh out more details about the art and practice of using prevention techniques to create and strengthen business relationships. Three articles linked below provide much food for thought: First, “Thinking Ahead,” a chapter from the “Negotiator’s Desk … Read more

HELP WANTED: New Research

As a by-product of work on CPR’s Prevention Initiative, the members of CPR’s Prevention Exploratory Research Team identified many questions in the prevention field which deserve further research. The dispute resolution world and the Global Pound Conferences would benefit from further research into issues involving the prevention, control, de-escalation and “real time” resolution of disputes. … Read more

The Chinese Emperor’s Decree

(The text of the Decree of the Manchu Emperor Kangxi, which could be characterized as “The Case for ADR in China 300 Years Ago,” or “Plus Ca Change, Plus Le Meme Chose”).  There was a complaint during the reign of the Emperor Kangxi, one of the greatest Manchu Emperors, about the corruption and tyranny of … Read more

Is There A “Perfect” or “Foolproof” Dispute Prevention Technique?

Agreed-upon processes and rules are important in regulating human behavior.  In the absence of a “process,” when an unexpected event occurs among members of a group or enterprise, chaos wjll often ensue. However, if there is an agreed-upon process for dealing with unexpected events, members of the group almost invariably follow the agreed-upon process and … Read more

CPR Prevention Publications

The International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CPR) has been a pioneer in exploring the field of preventing disputes.  Among the many prevention works produced by CPR scholars have been the following: Preventing and Resolving Construction Disputes, 1991 Thinking Ahead:  Moving From Reactive Dispute Resolution to Proactive Dispute Anticipation and Prevention:  A New CPR … Read more

The Wide Spectrum of Dispute Prevention and Resolution Processes

Dispute prevention, control and resolution can take many different forms. Because of the innate flexibility, adaptability and versatility of the ADR concept, a wide variety of processes have been developed, and new processes are continually being invented, so that they can meet the needs of parties or a particular dispute. To paraphrase the famous words … Read more