CPR Prevention Publications

The International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CPR) has been a pioneer in exploring the field of preventing disputes.  Among the many prevention works produced by CPR scholars have been the following:

Preventing and Resolving Construction Disputes, 1991
Thinking Ahead:  Moving From Reactive Dispute Resolution to Proactive Dispute Anticipation and Prevention:  A New CPR Best Practice, 2009
A New CPR Conflict Prevention Initiative:  Reducing Disputes Through Wise Prevention Processes, 2010
Supporting the CPR Dispute Reduction Initiative:  Prevention Practice Materials, 2010 (Covering the subjects of A Practical Introductory Exercise for Business Leaders and Managers and their Inside Counsel; “Thinking Ahead:  A ‘New Paradigm’ in Business Relationships”; Preventing and Resolving Corporate Governance Disputes; The Case for Including Prevention Processes in Business Agreements; A Menu of Prevention, Control and ‘Real Time’ Resolution Processes; and Examples of Contract Clauses for Implementing Those Practices.)
Realistic Risk Allocation:  Allocating Each Risk to the Party Best Able to Handle the Risk, 2010
Partnering:  Aligning Interests, Collaboration, and Achieving Joint Goals, 2010
Dispute Review Boards and Other Standing Neutrals:  Achieving “Real Time” Resolution and Prevention of Disputes, 2010

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